Neutrogena ‘Deep Clean’ Launch

Neutrogena Middle East is releasing a specialized beauty care line for this region. It is called ‘Deep Clean’, which as the name suggests focuses on the cleansing rituals after a day of wearing heavy makeup.

Through this range, Neutrogena is trying to spread awareness about the importance of cleansing and removing makeup in an appropriate manner.Β In this part of the world, the trend of makeup is ever increasing and with that the importance of skincare could not be emphasized more. Neutrogena is the first brand that has taken an initiative to delve into this matter and take action.



The ladies from TishTash were kind enough to invite me to the launch of this skincare range and let me experience the products before they are made available in the stores.

This range consists of Makeup Remover Facial Wipes, Makeup Removing Creamy Wash & Eye Makeup Remover. Each of these products have unique cleansing qualities and they are custom designed to suit Normal / Combination skin types.

In the following posts I will review each of the products individually. Till then, have a look at the range below.


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