Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Wipes

These wipes are magic. I am absolutely in love with them! One of the best products out there for me. These wipes are so good, that even a light-handed stroke will remove heavy makeup. They have super strong cleansing qualities.


These wipes have been specifically designed for the Middle Eastern customers. Due to the ever growing popularity of makeup these days, the need for better makeup removal products is growing. The ‘Deep Clean’ range from Neutrogena delivers exactly that.


These wipes claim to remove waterproof mascara and stain leaving products with ease. They are Salicylic Acid free and smell like fresh creamy vanilla with a hint of spring. They are Step 1 of your cleansing routine. There are 25 wipes in one packet.


These wipes are to be used in a light-handed manner and in circular strokes. I usually tend to just rub my eyeliner in a forward – backward fashion, but what I found with these wipes is to rub the eyes in circular motion for faster removal!

These wipes are so versatile, that they can be used for almost anything. Like in Dubai during Summer time, if you want to beat the heat then these wipes can be used as coolants!


These wipes do not ‘Wipe – Out’ the moisture from your face. It rather makes your skin feel more fresh and moisturised.

They can even be used to remove eye makeup, which I find really convenient. I mean who would want to remove eye makeup separatly and then clean your whole face.


Suitable for all skin types.




Oh yeah! They have become my absolute favourite and I am getting several replacements ASAP. I would definitely suggest to give it a try.

I’ll update you guys about the launch details soon.



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