Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Removing Creamy Wash

Step 2 of the cleansing routine.


This dermatologist tested face wash claims to cleanse your skin without taking away moisture from it. It has a creamy formula, which is quite different than most of the other products and also has Salicylic Acid in it.


The formula of the face wash was is, as the name suggest, creamy and of thick consistency. It has the same fresh fragrance of vanilla-esque nature with a hint of spring, although the whole range has no specific fragrance.


I squeeze out a small quantity in the palm of my hand and spread it all over my face. Due to the creamy texture it feels like I am applying thick cream on my face rather than a face wash. Also, it does not lather up which is pretty unique.

Now, when washing it off, a lot of water is required. But when it is finally clean, my face feels so fresh and moisturized like I haven’t even used a face wash!

This feeling is pretty different than any other face wash I have used so far. The feeling of you skin crying for some moisturizer is not there at all!


Mostly beneficial for Normal / Combination skin.

For people with really dry skin or acne or any other specific needs will benefit much from this face wash.




Yes, but only for the right skin type. It would be great to see a product in the future that suits atleast Normal/Combination/Dry skin types together, because skin changes it’s needs with different seasons. Buying different face washes for different months of the year is a hassle sometimes.neutrogena_creamyfacewash


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