HudaBeauty Textured Shadows Palette (Rose Gold Edition)


When HudaBeauty came out with this palette, I went and bought it the on the first day of its launch in Dubai. It was so hyped and was right in line with the ‘Rose Gold’ trend of 2016. I just couldn’t help myself!


The palette comes in a simple paper packaging with acraylic lid which allows you to see the shades inside. There are totally 18 shades in the palette out of which 5 are Textured, 3 are shimmer and 10 matte.




Now the consistency of these shadows was quite surprising to me. I was expecting so much more!

Textured Shadows – These are the best thing about this whole palette TBH. They are super pigmented, creamy and long lasting. The shade range is also unique and beautiful.

Shimmer Shadows – Being only 3 they are quite easily forgetabable. Nonetheless, the pigmentation is good and the formula is creamy. Moon Dust is my favourite to highlight the inner corner of my eyes!

Matte Shadows – This is where I am genuinely dissappointed. I expected so much from them. Some of the shadows are super pigmented and easily blendable, like ManEater, Sandalwood, Henna and Coco. But on the other hand shades Black Truffle, Bossy and Flamingo are super patchy, barely pigmented and chalky!


The Textured shadows have a special requirement to be applied using bare fingers for Β achieving the maximum possible pigmentation. But alternatively you can also use a brush sprayed with MAC Fix+ or any other hydratating setting spray that works!

The rest of the shadows do not have specific requirements, but some patchy matte shadows need a little bit of setting spray as well.


3.5 / 5


I absolutely love the shade range and the textured shadows. So just to try out the Rose Gold trend and add one to the collection I think this palette is a good enough!



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