Battle of the liners: Lakme v/s Chambor


I have picked up some new liners from my several visits to India these past few months and boy was I surprised! I absolutely love the Lakme Absolute Shine Line, but I wanted to try out some new ones, specially dabble into the coloured ones. So for this experiment today we have 2 coloured and 2 black liners from Maybelline, Chambor and Lakme. Today’s review will be a comparison between the 2 black liners from Chambor and Lakme.


The Lakme Absolue Shine Line in Black comes in new sleek packaging that you do not expect from Lakme. The tube is thin, long and plastic with a metallic handle. The brush tip of the brush is pretty long in itself, unlikely other brands.

The Chambor Smooth-On Eyeliner in black is part of the latest liquid eyeliner range that promises gel-like consistency. The bottle is transparent that allows you to see the product inside and the cap is thin and long. The brush is long, but not longer than Lakme’s, that allows you to draw thick or thin lines.


Left: Chambor (C) Β  I Β  Right: Lakme (L)


Lakme – The formula is a very thin liquid, that easily glides on the skin. Now, one stroke itself is quite pigmented and dries very fast, so have to be extra careful about the lines. After drying, the finish is a grey-toned black matte which I personally love, and doesn’t budge all day until I remove it with a strong non-oil based makeup remover. If you use oil-based makeup remover, you are going to end up with a black eye.

Chambor – The gel-like consistency is quite refreshing to see. A small drop goes a long way with this liner! But due to its gel-like formula, it is a little harder to draw than other liquid liners, which makes it difficult to apply on the go. It is super pigmented, the right type of bright black that I love. Once applied, the finish is a nice moussy textured black, that feels pretty comfortable throughout the day.


Lakme Absolute Shine Line –Β 8 hours

Chambor Smooth-On Eyeliner – 6 hours


Lakme Absolute Shine Line – 4/5

Chambor Smooth-On Eyeliner – 3.5/5


After using these liners for about 2 months, I would definetly pick ‘Lakme Absolute Shine Line’ for everyday use. But when I try to some fancy eye look involving a lot of eyeshadows, then ‘Chambor Smooth-On Eyeliner’ is my pick.


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