Lime Crime The Ultimate Velve-Tin Blue Bundle

Lime Crime came out with 5 Velve-Tin bundles, out of which I picked up the Blue one from Elle Beuty (Online store). This velvetines boxed set comes with 3 mini-sized lipsticks in a blue rose-shaped tin box. The box itself is pretty cute and small enough to set on your vanity!

The set includes (Swatches – Top to Bottom):

  1. Beet It – Berry matte
  2. Cindy – Terracotta matte
  3. Vibe – Mauve metallic



It is a rich, berry shade would suit all skin types. A little patchy on the first application, but settles down with 2 coats. It is comfortable to wear and lasts about 9 to 10 hours.


This is a perfect nude for my skin tone, neither too yellow nor too greyish! I love this terracotta shade that gives a correct amount of nudeish look to my lips. 1 coat itself is quite pigmented and soft on application. Once dried, this shade is a little different more velvety if you will!


The metallic from this set is a bright mauve-toned shade. It is a little bright and bold shade that may not be everyone’s cup of tea! The texture is soft as the other lipsticks and does not feel grainy or harsh like some other metallics out there!



These lipsticks contain about 2.07 ml of product, which is just barely enough for a couple of applications. The tip of the applicator is the same as the full sized lipstick, but the wand is pretty small to use. If you want to try out some shades before purchasing a full sized product, then this would be useful. It is also a very pretty set for your makeup collection!


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